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00:35 My TV news report interview about innovative stent-assisted fistula closure approach I invented and performed in my hospital. Technique is published afterwards: Buzaev, I. V. et al (2021). Case Report:  Coil Occlusion of Two Congenital Coronary Cameral Fistulas Connecting Right and Left Circumflex Arteries to the Right Ventricle:  An Innovative Stent-Assisted Technique. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. Original: https://bash.news/news/154568-v-ufe-khirurgi-spasli-patsientku-pridumav-novyy-sposob-operatsii-na-serdtse

00:57 This is a joint international work of Interventional cardiologists. Ufa surgeons performed 4 unique heart surgeries under the guidance of a professor from Italy. Four patients have already had an open operation, and a second open re-operation is dangerous because it is associated with higher risks. Under guidance of a professor Onorato we implanted an unique occluder that will help close the leak near the heart valve resulting from non-healing of a mechanical prosthesis.

00:27 we performed in my department with professor A. Osiev postinfarction rupture of the heart interventional device closure. This technique is life-saving and very new.

01:48 First in our region closure of persistent foramen ovale as secondary prevention of the stroke.

The patient’s condition after open heart valve replacement surgery worsened day by day due to a large paravalvular leak. Closing the leak with open surgery was not possible due to the patient’s condition. The world-famous leader in the field of interventional paravalvular leak closure, Professor Onorato (Italy) was supposed to fly to Ufa for this operation, but his city of Brescia was closed due to quarantine. I successfully performed this operation with the support of the professor via video call.

Original: https://gtrk.tv/novosti/170976-karantin-ne-pomeha-ufimskie-vrachi-proveli-unikalnuyu-operaciyu-vmeste-kollegoy

00:34 The first operation in our republic for interventional closure of a ruptured aneurysm of the sinus of Valsalva through a vessel without incisions in the chest.

01:06 The first operation in our republic interventional treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy through a vessel without incisions on the chest. Heart surgery with maximum effect and minimum recovery time. Today, a master class for surgeons of Bashkortostan was held at the Republican Cardiology Center. Physicians observed interventional treatment of cardiomyopathy. Such procedures are carried out by only four centers in the country.

00:55 Without blood and anaesthesia, Bashkir surgeons treat a rare disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a report from a master class in my department

Оригинал: https://utv.ru/material/bez-krovi-i-narkoza-kak-bashkirskie-hirurgi-lechat-redkuyu-bolezn-serdca/

I am performing an operation in live surgery mode for the Volga Region Conference of interventional cardiologists (this is not news, just a videorecording of participant)

00:23 Interventional treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy without incisions in the chest. This treatment is reported in only four centres in all Russia

00:51 Original technique for congenital ventricular septal defect treatment without incisions on a chest and arterial access. Reported then in 2019 Germany at CSI Frankfurt 2019. Session: Challenging cases from Russia Non-standard use of foramen ovale in interventional procedures (O2 technique)

01:00 Atrial septal defect closure through the vessel using the intracardiac ultrasound probe support. Russian level pioneer experience.

01:36 News about the introduction of interventional implantation of absorbable coronary scaffolds among the first three centers in Russia

The short 10 min documentary about opening the first in Russia MRGFUS non-invasive neurosurgery medical centre in COVID-19 times.


A unique heart operation was performed at the Republican Cardiology Center. The patient came from a neighboring region. He suffered from dizziness and shortness of breath for a long time. In Tatarstan, valve prosthetics and bypass surgery were performed. But after that, a fistula (a hole in the body) remained, which caused discomfort. He turned to the Republican Cardiology Center for help.

15.02.2022 8:20 TVC federal channel. “Doctor I” My interview about MRGFUS non-invasive neurosurgery treatment of essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease in our first in Russia private MRGFUS center

Original: https://www.tvc.ru/channel/brand/id/28/show/episodes/episode_id/75141

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