Igor Buzaev

About Igor Buzaev

Co-founder of the MRgFUS non-invasive neurosurgery centre
Professor, Leader, Researcher, Medical Innovator
PhD, Doctor of Sciences, Manager with 14+ years experience, MFA, UK Global Talent

My mission

Everything I know and can do to heal and transform the world into a more humane one.

My Story

All my life, I have been working on the connection between different pieces of knowledge and skills. I am a Ph.D. and a Doctor of Science in medicine. I studied medicine, law, management, a little music, and tai-chi, I was working as a fitness trainer IT specialist, and I could even fly a light sports aircraft. When I graduated from medical university, my dad took holding my hands to teach me all motions and tricks in the cath lab operating room. He was a great artist in interventional cardiology, one of Russia’s pioneers in this field, a philosopher, and a teacher. Now I am co-founder of the first in Russia non-invasive incision-less MRGFUS neurosurgery center named after my father.

My focus

Medicine 90
Management 80
Research & IT 60
Teaching 50
ART 50

My Services

The magic of my unique bouquet of different skills


Twenty-one years of medical practice. Seventeen years in interventional cardiology. A unique experience in the implementation of new techniques. More than 15 local awards in medicine. 100% positive feedback on patient voting platforms. Doctor of Science in medicine.

IT and research

I have an experience in the design of new devices, mathematic modeling, R language, VBA, and SQL. I am an author of Hospital Information System.


I graduated lawyer degree in an academy of public management. I am a Lean six sigma black belt. My doctor of sciences thesis is about decision-making. The chief of the department for 11 years and the chief specialist in the Ministry of Healthcare for nine years. A co-founder, an enterprener and a CBDO for 5 years.


I am a Master of fine arts (Anaheim University, CA), and I am a director of an award-winning short film and a documentary.


I am a professor at Bashkir State Medical University. I have more than ten years of experience teaching the medical profession and organization of online education on a web platform. My subjects are interventional cardiology, data analysis, and medical professionalism.

11658 +
Happy Patients
37 +
Years of Study
21 +
Years of experience
23 +
Awards Won

Projects in Focus


To establish a school.


To open a new non-invasive treatment medical centre.


To write a book.

My Education

The main events

Short Courses

Much can be learned in courses, albeit short but numerous.

The best mentor ever!!!!
Honestly, I have never met such specialists and sympathetic doctors! Thank you doctor! And the clinic itself is just great, I visited quite a few clinics, but this one is the best!
Igor Vyacheslavovich recently saved my dad from death. He also saved my friend's son. Moscow, Germany and Israel failed, but he did. If you call a spade a spade, then he is the most professional doctor and just a very good person.

Interventional cardiology experience

In interventional cardiology, I studied, introduced new things and taught followers

1. Structural interventions include peadiatric cases:
– TAVI (CorValve SOLO)
– ASD, VSD, PDA, PFO, fistulas closure
– Paravalvular leak closure (Occlutec PLD)
– Balloon valvuloplasty (CHD)
– Atrioseptostomia (CHD or ideopathic pulmonary hypertension)
– LAA closure

2. Coronary interventions:
– Complex PCI + CTO procedures
– Rotablator atherectomy
– Complex LM stenting
– Alcohol septal ablation

3. Peripheral interventions:
– Carotid artery stenting
– Embolisations

4. Pacemaker implantation (DDD)

5. Urgent:
– PCI in ACS
– trombectomy from intracranial arteries (limited experience)

6. Teaching
Trained more than twenty fellows, 5 of them are successful chiefs of departments

One of Russian level pioneers:
2009 – Radial Access
2011 – Optical Coherence Tomography
2012 – Intravascular Ultrasound
2012 – Fractional Flow Reserve
2012 – Rotablator
2013 – Absorb Scaffolds
2013 – Renal Denervation
2014 – Intracardiac Echo (Boston Sci UltraICE)
2014 – Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation TAVI
2017 – Paravalvular Leak Closure
2019 – Philips EchoNavigator hybrid visualisation modality
2019 – Philips HeartNavigator hybrid visualisation modality

My hospital’s position in official ratings in all Russia:

3rd – The number of coronary angiographies
3rd – The number of paravalvular leak closures
4th – The number of interventional treatments
5th – The total number of patients subjected to diagnostic
and therapeutic X-ray endovascular interventions
7th – The number of PCI
13th – Rushkind procedures number
13th – The number of alcohol ablations in hypertrophic CMP
5th – The amount of occluder closures in CHD



11658 +
My Happy Patients
My team's patients during my management (2010-2021)
21 +
Years of Medical Practice
My team position in Russia (coronary angiographies) in 2020


I like data analysis, development of a new devices and a software

20 +
Fellows trained
fellows become a department chiefs
21 +
presentations on international conferences
10 +
Years of teaching experience



The art of touching heart

My TV appearances

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2th floor, 17/4, Zorge street, Ufa, Russia, 450059