Igor Buzaev


The new surgery (short documentary)

The short documentary film about neurosurgery without incisions and the opening of the first in Russia medical center for the treatment of essential and Parkinson's related tremors (shaking) with innovative non-invasive MRgFUS technique.

Public Speaking and Media

https://vimeo.com/759762970 00:35 My TV news report interview about innovative stent-assisted fistula closure approach I invented and performed in my hospital. Technique is published afterwards: Buzaev, I. V. et al (2021). Case Report:  Coil Occlusion of Two Congenital Coronary Cameral Fistulas Connecting Right and Left Circumflex Arteries to the Right Ventricle:  An Innovative Stent-Assisted Technique. Frontiers in cardiovascular ...