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TV2021 Heart Rupture

Heart rupture. Ride the unicorn of cardiology with Professor Alexander Osiev

During a heart attack, an acute myocardial infarction, heart tissue becomes loose and can rupture.

It is difficult to close a post-infarction heart rupture because:

  1. There is no time,
  2. Edges of the tear are so fragile that neither seams nor hold device.

Closing such tears is the unicorn of surgery.

One of my teachers, Professor Alexander Grigorievich Osiev, developed an effective method for saving people with heart muscle rupture. It is a great pleasure for me to learn this technique from him and to work with him to treat this patient.

The successful outcome of the procedure is the result of the efforts of a vast team: it was necessary to deliver and stabilize the patient, prepare for the treatment, and only then carry it out. I thank my teachers and my team.