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TV news 2019 PFO

TV report: PFO closure as the secondary stroke prevention.

Watch the news on BST. The result of our close cooperation with neurologists is the introduction of a new technique in stroke prevention.

The introduction of this treatment became possible because of the coordination of many services: the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the chief cardiologist Irina Evgenievna Nikolaeva and the chief neurologist Marcel Amirovich Kutlubaev, as well as other progressive doctors Vladimir Aleksandrovich Voevodin, Olga Valerievna Kachemaeva and others who picked up this new direction. Gulchachak Amirovna Khalikova performed echocardiography imaging patient selection.

The procedure does not require incisions on the chest. Doctors perform it through a puncture on the thigh.

For reference, the cause of a stroke is a blood clot that closes a vessel supplying the brain. Poor circulation leads to the death of part of the brain. But where does this blood clot come from? It can form both in the heart and blood vessels along the way. One of the causes of stroke is a patent foramen ovale, in which a blood clot forms or passes through. For these patients, it may be possible to close this foramen ovale and protect them from another stroke.