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TV2016 TAO

First Russian Forum on Heart Failure and Myocardial Diseases. Our masterclass with professors Eustaquio Onorato, Liu Bin and Qu Peng

Our joint masterclass with professor Eustaquio Onorato demonstrated a unique non-invasive method for treating heart failure, using an umbrella-like device to close pathological communications in the heart. A 7-year-old girl with a congenital heart defect awaits occluder atrial septal defect (ASD) closure procedure. The introduction of this low-invasive method is expected to reduce mortality rates in Russia.

Atrial septal defect closure through the vessel using the intracardiac ultrasound probe support (UltraICE) this is Russian level pioneer experience.

The video below is a news report, covers a unique heart treatment performed without opening the chest, using a special umbrella device inserted through a blood vessel in the leg. TV report highlights the collaboration I organised between Russian, Italian and Chinese specialists in improving this technique. This treatment offers hope for children born with congenital heart defects in Russia. Our moments from cathlab (operation theatre) and interviews of professors Eustaquio Onorato, Liu Bin, Qu Peng and I.