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2019 PVL 4 patients

TV news about masterclass of transcatheter paravalvular leak closure

The video is TV news report about our joint masterclass of transcatheter paravalvular leak closure, where patients receive a operation using a unique occluder Occlutech PLD. The procedure minimizes risks and complications, improves the quality of life for patients who have undergone previous surgeries.

00:57 This is a joint international work of Interventional cardiologists. Ufa surgeons performed 4 unique heart surgeries under the guidance of a professor from Italy. Four patients have already had an open operation, and a second open re-operation is dangerous because it is associated with higher risks. Under guidance of a professor Onorato we implanted an unique occluder that will help close the leak near the heart valve resulting from non-healing of a mechanical prosthesis.

01:53 Philips Echonavigator Hybrid visualisation (fluoroscopy with echocardiography) benefits are:

  1. Fluoroscopy gives a picture of instruments to close PVL
  2. Echocardiography gives a picture of flows and soft tissues on the same image with the fluoroscopy.

This combination allows:

  1. To choose the best plane to cross paravalvular leak
  2. To find the leak without contrast
  3. Decrease x-ray exposure